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Trinidad Express / Happy Sunday, cherished readers. I do pray you are all having a wonderful day. We are living in extremely challenging times; you may wake up looking forward to a good day and, in a flash, see your world falling apart. As difficult as this may be, you can’t just lie down and die. You have to get up and move on. Push! Carry on, just as Shenelle Scott had to do when faced with tragedy. Scott shares her experience with Lorraine Waldropt-Ferguson in our Cover Story today. There is a lot more good reading in store for you in the following pages. Do enjoy. Please feel free to e-mail me should you have a desire to see something in particular featured in Woman or know someone you believe should be featured, including yourself. I am always looking forward to your feedback, even if it may be in the form of admonition. Have a wonderfully productive week ahead. Be cautious as you go about your business, but do not allow anything to prevent you from having fun and enjoying each day. Please offer a smile or a kind word to each person you encounter. That might just make their day, or even yours. Blessings.

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