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The trinidad Guardian / The fire at Grenfell Tower in London raises several safety concerns right here in T&T.

Firstly, I am grateful my brother St John is safely back in Trinidad. Let us examine the facts:

•30 people have died in the fire, this figure is expected to rise.

•17 people are in critical care in six London hospitals.

•Many more are still unaccounted for.

Here are my humble suggestions:

•Working smoke alarms save lives.

•Have regular fire drills.

•Smoking and drinking are a lethal combination.

•Keep matches, lighters and candles away from children.

•Do not overload electrical outlets and extension cords.

•Do not put flammable materials near heat sources.

•Early notification can make all the difference.

•In case of fire, immediately call 990.

Are we in T&T competent to handle a fire of massive proportions or are we going to blame WASA? When your neighbour’s house is on fire wet yours. Fire is a great servant but a poor master. My safety, your safety is our responsibility.

AV Rampersad

Princes Town

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