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Food Distributor Confirms Halt In Sale Of Corned Beef


RJR News / One major distributors of corned beef in Jamaica has promptly announced that it will be complying with an order from the Ministry of  Industry and Commerce to halt the sale of  the product imported from Brazil.

LASCO Distributors has confirmed that it will halt all sales of the product.

In a statement on Monday night, LASCO said its corned beef  products will also be removed from store shelves, in keeping with the Ministry’s temporary ban, pending the outcome of  further investigations.

LASCO said it is cooperating fully with the authorities by providing information related to its shipments. In addition, the company is conducting its own investigations.

Some of the biggest consumers of  Brazilian meat have suspended imports over allegations that companies in that country have been selling unsafe produce for years.

Brazil is the world’s biggest red meat and poultry exporter.

On Friday, federal police raided meat-producing plants and arrested more than 30 people.                         

The Brazilian Government suspended several senior civil servants who should have spotted the unhygienic and illegal practices.  They are being investigated for corruption.

Three meat-packing plants have been closed and another 21 are being investigated.

The investigators allege that some managers bribed health inspectors and politicians to get government certificates for their products.

They accuse more than 30 companies of  a number of  unhygienic practices.

Among them are JBS, the world’s largest beef exporter, and BRF, the world’s top poultry producer.

Global response

China, Chile, South Korea and the European Union have also suspended meat imports due to the scandal in Brazil.

The suspensions continued with the EU stopping imports from four of Brazil’s meat processing facilities.

China, which accounts for a big percentage of meat imports from Brazil, made the decision to suspend it as a safety measure.

South Korea’s Agriculture Ministry said it would tighten the inspections of  chicken coming from the South American country. 

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