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Gopee-Scoon: Greater regional, international collaboration needed

The trinidad Guardian / Trade and Industry Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon is calling for cooperation between regional and international partners as greater efforts are made to address security issues affecting Latin America, the Caribbean and the wider global community.

Speaking at the Caribbean Security Forum hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries (TTCSI) in collaboration with the Global Business Leadership Forum (GBLF) last Thursday, Gopee-Scoon emphasised the importance of developing strategies to curb global and national threats – with the principal deliverable being to devise a plan that is workable for all stakeholders.

She noted, “Our National Development Strategy 2016-2030, known as Vision 2030, in fact recognises that collaboration among actors and an integrated approach among many sectors is a prerequisite to addressing cross-cutting issues such as human security among others.”

She endorsed the deepening of stakeholder relationships and the strengthening of partnerships particularly with the private sector, recognising the value of information-sharing and consultation.

The minister called on the Forum to examine the multidimensional aspect of security in respect of the impact of natural disasters on CARICOM Member States.

Gopee-Scoon said “The devastation wrought by hurricanes Irma and Maria within days of each other, dictates such a focus; our people being our most valuable asset and a return to some level of normalization as an absolute imperative in the shortest time possible”.

In this regard, Gopee-Scoon expressed her profound appreciation to the private sector “Whose members, in support of the government’s immediate response to the devastation, rapidly mobilized resources to support those negatively impacted by these cataclysmic weather systems.”

TTCSI President Angela Lee Loy assured that, “This forum marks the beginning of a movement driven by the private sector but working with civil society and NGO’s to collaborate and tackle the security challenges that continually plague the fabric of our society here in T&T and the wider Caribbean community.”

Nigel Salina, Chief Executive Officer, Global Business Leadership Forum Limited challenged all present to come together to solve the issues of crime and security.

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