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Govt on lookout for ‘bad food’


News day / “Sometimes it does’nt come to our notice, until it has already come into the country,” the minister explained. Robinson-Regis said normally the Food and Drug Division of the Health Ministry, “would do testing on food items that come into the country.” However, she indicated this has not been happening because of a problem which was never fixed under the former People’s Partnership (PP) government. Stating that Government is addressing this issue, Robinson-Regis said, “Thankfully, we do get reports that come from other countries and it is from those reports that we acted with regards to the corned beef.

The minister said if retailers are advised about having tainted food items and they fail to adhere, “then the ministry goes in and removes the items from the shelves.” Robinson-Regis also announced that Cabinet agreed that the Solid Waste Management Company Limited’s (SWMCOL) mandate would be refocused for it to become a recycling authority in TT.

She said this would not result in any job losses at the company but rather job creation.

Explaining that this exercise should take about two to three months and could involve some changes in legislation, Robinson- Regis said recycling could offer a host of opportunities for economic advancement at the community level. She added that the issue of the future of landfills in TT is one which remains under active consideration by the Government.

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