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Trinidad Express / A contentious political and legal battle between the People’s National Movement (PNM)and the United National Congress (UNC) looms over control of the Sangre Grande Corporation. Yesterday, in the face of an electoral tie in the local government election Monday, the PNM declared “victory” at the San Grande Regional Corporation. In explaining the party’s position at a news conference in Port of Spain, chairman Franklin Khan said it was based on the fact that the party won the popular vote as well as (it) had “the value” of incumbency, based on the fact that the current chairman, who is the PNM’s Terry Rondon, legally remains in office until a new chairman is elected. In response to further questions, Khan explained that Rondon would have an original vote as well as a casting vote (as chairman of the corporation). Sitting on Khan’s side was attorney at law Michael Quamina. Khan said the PNM had sought legal advice on this matter and would be prepared to defend any challenge. He said he knew the UNC liked to go to court.

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