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Green day in Arima

News day / The project was implemented in association with the Digicel Foundation and funding from its Epic programme.

At the launch, Mango also presented Arima residents with 500 citrus plants. The event hosted a market day which encouraged other entrepreneurs in the area to showcase and sell their products such as homemade wines, cakes, clothing, hand-made jewelry, plants decorative pots and art and craft items.

Other partners in the initiative include the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries who were instrumental in the providing the free plants and technical advice on the development of the grow box.

Representative from the ministry, Ravi Narine worked closely with Mango member, Collin Anthony to construct the garden which includes a sprinkler system.

Digicel Foundation senior project officer, Cindyann Currency who attended the market day congratulated the president of Mango, Kerry Ann Sudama and her team for co-ordinating such an impressive community event. Over 600 people attended the event.

Proceeds from the venture will assist with covering costs so that the NGO can continue its community outreach.

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