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Health Sector Badly Affected By Rains

RJR News / It will take a while before normality returns to public hospitals and health centres which were affected by the heavy rains.

Some institutions were flooded while others grappled with leaking roofs.

Chief  Medical Officer Dr. Winston De La Haye told RJR News that there were major leaks at May Pen hospital and at one of the wards at Kingston Public Hospital.

“All other hospitals” reported minor leaks, he said, adding that there were also significant leaks at many health centres: Ewarton, Bog Walk, Greater Portmore, Sligoville, Morant Bay, St. Jago Park, Linstead.

Kingston Public Hospital on Tuesday cancelled elective surgeries until further notice due to the effects of the heavy rains.

Patients well enough to be discharged were also sent home.


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