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Hikers rescued in Northern Range

News day / The hikers were found and rescued shortly after 11 am yesterday by members of the Defence Force and the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA).

Major Al Alexander, Civil Military Affairs Officer, Defence Force, said in a statement that the hikers were rescued in a joint operation involving Regiment personnel, soldiers and sailors from the Defence Force Headquarters, a flight crew from the Air Guard, Estate Police and members of the CDA.

“The group of hikers which included a Trinidadian male, Mr Alleyne Young and two Canadian female citizens Joanna Leon and Aubrey Lamb, were safely rescued from a ridge east of Tucker Valley,” he said It is reported that the hikers started the trek from Bagatelle to Macqueripe at about 7 am on Friday and were scheduled to be picked up at 3 pm.

Alexander said when it was realised that the group was lost, concerned relatives reported the incident to the CDA, Regiment and Air Guard, who immediately began coordinating search efforts for the missing people.

“The search team from the Defence Force Headquarters supported by TTAG and the CDA police eventually spotted the hikers at approximately 11.09 am this morning (yesterday) and the Air Guard Rotary Wing helicopter AG13 safely winched the hikers on-board the helicopter from a ridge east of Tucker Valley and dropped them off at the DFHQ sports field where a medical team was on standby,” he said.

Alexander said the hikers suffered no serious injuries apart from dehydration and insect bites.

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