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How you can help Dominica*

Trinidad Express / Trinidad and Tobago has rushed to the aid of Caricom neighbour Dominica, with private citizens, ­religious and non-governmental ­organisations yesterday seeking emergency supplies for the “nature isle” that was devastated on Monday by Hurricane Maria. The T&T Government has also continued to render aid, with the T&T Coast Guard and Air Guard yesterday assisting Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to tour the island, which he has; via limited communication, reported to be some 98 per cent devastated. Up to late yesterday, social media was flooded with worry from those with family and friends on the island, where communication has been down since Monday. News coming out of the island was patchy and was facilitated ­mainly by the odd HAM radio. Skerrit, communicating via a satel­lite telephone, and first responders broadcasting via HAM, have called for Dominica’s citizens to rally, particularly those capable of volunteering at shelters and hospitals. Maria’s death toll reached at least eight people yesterday.

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