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Humble Beginnings Bred Generous Humanitarian*

Trinidad Express / AT the age of 63, Jennilyn Hamblyn-Raphael is now in her third year of retirement. But there is no time for sitting back and relaxing, not even after spending more than 38 years working for a State-owned entity.  In fact, Hamblyn-Raphael who is involved with no fewer than five organisations is as busy or perhaps busier now than when she was working a full-time job. This cancer survivor who is also a dance teacher and member of the Macqueripe Early Morning Swimmers Association leads an active and fulfilling life and wouldn’t have it any other way. Her retirement has opened the way for her to live a life of service to others. After more than a decade spent in volunteer service with the Lions Club, Hamblyn-Raphael now has added responsibility since being elected president of the Lions Club of Port of Spain North as of July 1. It was Hamblyn-Raphael’s drive to be more involved in community work and her willingness to serve others that resulted in her signing up to be a member of the Lions Club in the first place. Hamblyn-Raphael had humble beginnings, she grew up in St James (where she still resides) but as a youth she and her family lived in Las Cuevas with no electricity or running water. Her mother taught her and her siblings the value of saving money and managing a home. “Waste not, want not” was the prevailing principle by which the family abided.

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