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Hurricanes could give Chaguaramas a boost*

Trinidad Express / Come next year mariners in Chaguaramas may see an influx of foreign yachts ahead of the next hurricane season—from June to November. Trinidad and Tobago is located just below the hurricane belt. With the recent decimation of marinas in several Caribbean islands by Hurricanes Irma and Maria this year, this country may very well be one of the best bets for foreigners to moor their vessels in the sheltered bays in Chaguaramas, which have long made an industry of repairing and storing ships of various sizes. Express Business last week reached out to the Yachting Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT) to get its views on whether the destruction caused by Irma could open up business for the “dying” yachting industry here. “Two things can happen. One, either it can boost business for Trinidad, in that people will take precautionary measures next year and the next couple of years and stay away from islands along the hurricane belt; or two, people altogether will start looking at global warming and see what’s happening here as a trend that might be happening in years to come and stay away from the Caribbean altogether,” explained the Association in a statement last Friday.

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