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International Chutney Soca Queen for 2018


News day / With this in mind promoter Randy Glasgow launched the 2018 International Chutney Soca Monarch Queen competition last week at his office in Port of Spain.

The first ever International Chutney Soca Queen contest will take place on February 2 at Guaracara Park, Point-a-Pierre in San Fernando. The annual International Chutney Brass will take place on February 3 at the same venue.

“The time is now to make a female chutney soca artiste a winner in Carnival,” Glasgow said, adding that the female chutney soca artistes deserve this opportunity to score with their music.

With this said, he is stepping up to the challenge and is about to crown a chutney queen. Glasgow says he means no disrespect to the Chutney Soca monarchs, but the chutney diva can come on par with their male counterpart any day.

“We expect a lot of international participation with competitors and audience from the Caribbean, US, Canada and the UK,” he said. Glasgow said female acts such as Drupatie Ramgoonai, Reshma Ramlal, Nisha Bissembhar, Rasika Dindial and Hemlata Dindial deserve a better place in Carnival and this is what he is offering. Just the thought, he says, of having these women perform in all their glory is thrilling.

As for the prize for the winner, he expects to give a vehicle as well as a cash incentive to the winner and to the top three in this contest. As regards to rules, he expects to have a good mixture of traditional and chutney soca in the new compositions by these artistes.

When contacted Ramlal sighed with relief, saying finally she will be in a real competition where the female acts are given their respectful due in Carnival.

“I am overjoyed and I am looking forward to participating in this contest,” she said.

Ramgoonai was also very happy to learn about this contest and said she would definitely participate in this show. “I believe that the promoter of Chutney Soca Monarch has done quite a lot to promote the arts after 22 years but it’s time that the female acts come into focus and given a fair share in Carnival,” she said.

Ramgoonai noted that the soca artistes have made great strides in TT and she believes that the chutney soca queens and divas will now do the same in the upcoming year.

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