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Jamaica’s Airspace Remains Closed – Flights At NMIA Suspended

RJR News / The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) says the closure of the island’s airspace is likely to continue until 7:00pm on Saturday.

In a statement this morning it said it continues to undertake extensive work to restore Air Traffic Services at the Kingston Air Traffic Control Centre which suffered damage to its radar and communication networks as a result of  a lightning strike yesterday.

Technicians from Aeronautical Telecommunications (AERTOTEL)  and the JCAA’s Communications, Navigation and Surveillance personnel, worked overnight and have managed to complete some restorative work on the power distribution and data network, as well as radio communication.

Troubleshooting and rectification activities continue.  

However, the Contingency Routing, which would have allowed aircraft to depart and arrive at Jamaica’s two main international airports through coordination with neighbouring Flight Information Regions, is being impacted by the position and effects of  Hurricane Irma.

The JCAA says in the interest of  safety, arrival and departure activities have been suspended until the restoration of  radar and communication services allows for the safe and efficient provision of  Jamaica’s Air Traffic Services.  

Sangster International open 

However MBJ Airports Limited, operators of  Sangster International Airport, says the airport remains open. The company’s Manager of  Commercial Business Development and Marketing, Sharon Hislop-Holt, told RJR News that  passengers are being allowed to check-in and the impact of  the airspace closure will not be felt immediately.

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