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Judges, magistrates for retreat

News day / This comes as the lawyers in two weeks time are expected to vote on a motion of no-confidence in Chief Justice Ivor Archie as head of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission.

Archie and by extension the judicial system have taken a beating over the appointment and resignation of former chief magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caeesr as a judge in the High Court. Ayers-Caesar elevation led to a public uproar on her unfinished case load she left behind in the magistrates’ court.

Less than a month after her resignation as a High Court judge on April 27, these cases remain in limbo and the Judiciary is yet to make an announcement on the way forward for these matters as no other magistrate could continue with a case another magistrate had already started.

The judges’ and magistrates’ retreat, which began yesterday and continues today, began with a session on ‘understanding public trust and confidence in the Judiciary of TT’ and nine elements of procedural fairness were split up in three sessions throughout the day.

Today’s sessions include discussions on procedural fairness.

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