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K2K’s wow factor

News day / The National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) came alive as the Lord Kitchener Auditorium was decorated with red trees and long flowing red carpet on the steps depicting love, peace and harmony. All of which represent the theme for K2K’s 2018 presentation, United We Stand.

After an hour of cocktails, patrons were treated to fashion, theatre and costuming associated with K2K but they were cheated of the beauty of the costuming by some very poor stage lighting.

Through narration, background pictures and dance, the three clusters of United We Stand were revealed, APAC (Asia Pacific), EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and the Americas.

The three clusters are made up of six sections which were presented after dancers moved through the narration. There was The Dragon and The Fan, Peacock and Feathers and Dupattas, To Andalucia with Love, Siyahamba and Totem. The Tudor Rose was shown in the foyer.

The end of the presentation was a bit disappointing as all dancers and some costumes went back on stage for the finale but as they moved off the stage patrons were left in wonderland.

Nothing was said and they knew the show was over only because the lights were turned on.

Surprisingly patrons got a full and clear view of the costumes in the foyer and expressed shock as to what they were seeing as compared to what they saw on stage.

Of course, hundreds of pictures of the costumes were taken in the foyer, after which the Norman sisters appeared. Being young designers who are relatively new to the Carnival scene, Kathy and Karen were very pleased to hear the comments, both negative and positive, and were thankful to all those who supported their 2018 effort.

They both said the work has only just began.

K2K Alliance and Partners are three times Medium Band of the Year title holders.

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