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Kamla plans protest, dares anyone: Arrest meh!

News day / Speaking at the UNC’s Monday Night Forum at the El Dorado North Hindu Primary School, Persad-Bissessar slammed the government led by Dr Keith Rowley saying that instead of opening the Children’s Hospital, they went ahead and opened the, “stadium shed of shame.” She also called on National Security Minister Edmund Dillon to resign after he stated that they would launch an investigation into last week Friday’s protest. She said the Ministry has no jurisdiction to investigate any protest and that was the purview of the police.

“The Minister of National Security is concerned by this protest by the UNC, saying that action created a risk. Under the law of the land, no Ministry of National Security has any jurisdiction to conduct any investigation. They want to discriminate against us.

They will not investigate the 185 murders we have had for the year, but they want to investigate peaceful protests by law abiding citizens,” she said.

She added that the minister’s action was designed to keep citizens quiet and stay behind closed doors. Persad-Bissessar said while she has nothing against mainstream media, it is every citizen’s right to say what was on their mind on social media. She encouraged people to engage social media and their right to put their thoughts out in the public.

She also spoke out on the demolition of homes in Valencia on Monday saying her government had assured squatter regularisation, adding that they were trying to make Trinidad and Tobago a home-owning society. “I have shared how hard it was to have to rent and move. This Government has no plan but to raid home and land. They are a wicked, dictator- run Government with their property tax,” she thundered.

Persad-Bissessar again advised citizens against filling out the property tax forms. “If they come to lock up anybody, I am the first in line! I will stand by you. People are starving in Tobago and goods can’t get across on the boats…but the boats are transporting golf carts, you hear?”

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