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Laquis leads PoS Rotarians

News day / It was truly a special night for the first Rotary Club formed in TT 60 years ago and at the same time was commemorating The Rotary Foundation’s 100th anniversary.

This organisation was formed around 1905 when Paul Harris decided to bring together three other like-minded colleagues on a regular basis, in Chicago, to strengthen the bond with respect to morals, values, friendship, camaraderie and service. The Paul Harris Awards, named after Rotary’s founder, were achieved by Dr Roosevelt Rock who continues to provide invaluable dental services to differently-abled children and senior citizens at Rotary’s dental care clinic at the Princess Elizabeth Centre and also to Sonia Callender.

The outgoing president’s list of achievements in the past year are too numerous to mention but include: For Heart Beat International (HBI), RCPOS, under the leadership of Rotarian Francis Ottley, allowed TT to be one of the largest providers of pacemakers in the world. Out of the 11 heart centres operated by HBI worldwide, HBI TT is the most active and has consistently been the leader in providing patient pacemaker implants annually.

Of great interest are the guest speakers invited by this club to share very interesting and informative topics with members at the club’s weekly luncheon meetings. In support of local culture, the annual Pan Yard Crawl provides a spectacular and safe fellowship.

While the 29th annual district games for primary schools in Port of Spain and Environs at the National Stadium where thousands of primary school athletes, parents and supporters participated, remain a crowd-pleaser.

The board of directors 2017-2018 are Laquis, president; Sabga, immediate past president; Haydyn Gittens, president- elect; Sean Paddy, secretary; John De Gannes, treasurer; and directors – Jeremy Matouk, Francis Ottley, Lawford Dupres, Bernard Aquing and Daniel Fakoory. Those receiving awards from Sabga for support during the past year were Laquis, Eli Zakour, Matouk, Duprey, De Gannes, Ottley, Daran Bahadoorsingh, Roger Kirton, Arlington Chesney, Joe Ramkissoon and Labib Najjar.

In thanking Sabga for distinguished service Laquis presented him with the Paul Harris Award as is traditionally done to the new president, remarking that “president Howard is a very tough act to follow in this club of history, tradition and honour.

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