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Leaking roofs at Lion’s Gate

News day / Several residents yesterday told Newsday they have reached a point where they are totally fed up.

A resident said they are living in “dry weather town houses”, because every time it rains the process of cleaning up begins and they have to be constantly buying over household items.

“It’s more than two years we are faced with this problem of leakage.

We are in the rainy season again, and nothing is being done to fix the problem.

“Recently HDC sent four contractors to fix the roofs, but whatever they tried to do is not working. Just the other day with the passing of Tropical Storm Bret, we had no rest in cleaning up. All the water came through the roof as though there was none.” The resident continued, “The water is coming through the roof and running down the walls of the apartments.

The problem is very frustrating and tiresome.

These are homes we are renting and they should do something about it or relocate us. I spent all my savings fixing this place and I am still not comfortable.” She said they have all reported the matter to HDC on numerous occasions and they feel their complaints are falling on deaf ears. Another resident said when it rains she has to cut and place Chubby bottles under her furniture to prevent them from getting soaked. “How can someone live like this? I invested in my home and it is not fair to us to suffer like this. We have to be cleaning all the time. One day I came home from work and my entire living room was water-logged because rain fell earlier in th day. The situation is just terrible.” When contacted yesterday HDC Head of Communications Marissa Findlay said they remain very concerned about the condition at Lion’s Gate Units for which they have employed several technical solutions to remedy the conditions of the units.

“That particular building system has proven to be extremely challenging at that construction site was handed over to the HDC with several areas of difficulties.

We remain concerns about the plight of the residents at Lions Gate community where we have employed several solutions to remedy some of the defects in those units.

Over the years, we have specialist teams to do sealing where water is seeping through the structures.”

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