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Legacy will endure long after death *


Trinidad Express / AS a figure of lasting significance or as a curiosity who became an anachronism.

This is how one reporter on the BBC World news ended one of his reports yesterday as the world woke up to the news that Fidel Castro had died.

News of the death of this figure, polarising to many, including millions of his own people, but adored by hundreds of millions in Cuba and in countries around the world, broke late on Friday night.

His brother Raul announced the death on state television in Havana at about 10.32 p.m., also saying a cremation would have been held yesterday morning, and nine days of mourning had been declared.

Death for the man who had captured and held world’s attention for more than 50 years after he led a revolution that brought the Cuban Communist Party to power on New Year’s Day, 1959.

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