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‘Len Hand’

Trinidad Express / The Tobago Heritage Festival opened with a bang on Friday at Shaw Park Complex, with a production entitled “His-Tory Her-Imagination”, staged by Ulimall Gordon-Holder and members of the Tobago THETA company.

The theme for this year’s Tobago Heritage Festival is “Bring Back the Old Time Days – Len’ Hand”.

The festival this year returns to a two-week-long schedule with cultural events being produced by the organising committee, as well as the various host villages.

Among the main highlights of the event are the “Moriah Ole Time Wedding”, “Charlotteville National Treasure’s Day” and “Plymouth J’Ouvert”.

In addition to these and other festival favourites, 2017 will see the “Junior Heritage” and “Bele Fest” added to the calendar of events, as well as the return of the unique “Living Museum” in Scarborough.

Additionally, the consistently expanding “Heritage Tours” will directly target adventure seekers and nature lovers for a unique experience that combines historical tours of the island with the added outdoor element of hiking and camping.

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