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Let’s do our best to save jobs

The trinidad Guardian / Our Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, in his second forum of meeting the people, did put the cards on the table on certain issues. One of them being what can happen in the public sector if revenues continue to decrease. While he may not have said it directly you can read between the lines that there is a great possibility that people can be sent home from the public sector.

I want you to know this is no easy thing to deal with especially when you know that within weeks you will receive your last pay check and do not have the slightest clue where money will be coming from to meet your monthly expenses.

People react differently to this situation but, believe me, there is no rejoicing and it is certainly not a nice feeling.

I would like our leaders to know that because of unemployment many of our citizens are living a horror story and their children are there with them. For the sake of preserving families in T&T let us try our utmost not to put others on the already existing long breadline.

Our leaders need to also practise what was said to the private sector early 2016, which was, “sending workers home should be the last resort after you have done all that is possible.” I remember the Minister of labour pleading to companies. I am now pleading to our leaders to do likewise. Let us be more creative and look at other ways and means to raise the short comings in our revenue. Yes it will take some more innovation but it is necessary for the sake of many who can be facing this dilemma.

I appeal to all, let us do our best to save jobs in T&T, we all need to work. That is the system we live in.

Arnold Gopeesingh,

San Juan

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