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#LocalGovtElection: Voting for land title


Jamaica Gleaner / DIVISION: Petersfield PNP: Donald Gordon (incumbent) JLP: George Wright (first-time)

Seventy-seven-year-old Elsie Owens was steadily assisted to the polling station at the Petersfield High School in Westmoreland this morning to cast her vote for the People?s National Party (PNP), in hopes that the effort will lead to her long-held dream of finally owning a land title.

The die-hearted PNP elder told The Gleaner that she proudly casts her vote for the incumbent Donald Gordon of the Petersfield Division, who, if wins, will assist her to get the land title for the piece of lot she has been living on since 1977.

?If I voted for the JLP then I would have to come off because I got a piece (of land) already long time and the JLP win and they took it away from me,? said Owens.

She added that several generations of her family born and grew up on the captured land and believes their dream hinges on Gordon winning over first-time George Wright from the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

?My parents were PNP. They are a good party and I don’t find no fault with the party,? said Owens.

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