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lol, Use ur Slang On Correct Platform*

Trinidad Express / Dear Marguerite, I am a reader of your columns and thank you for all the advice you have given and continue to give. I would like to ask however why are some corporate institutions sometimes sending text messages, e-mails and print messages filled with many shortcut slangs as stating: “If u have difficulty…please remove ur battery, etc”. Is this type of communication now universally accepted? Can teenagers now apply to companies such as this? Surely, no one now needs to get any type of degree in communications if we are all accepting these slang words. “Tired of this slang communication” Dear “Tired of this slang communication”, I received a similar complaint before and so am referring to my answer, which is certainly still relevant. The slang “language” that is used in texts and in e-mails is extremely frustrating, outrageous and, in fact, silly. 

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