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Man in court for killing sister, teenager

News day / Baksh was jointly charged with 25-year-old Wayne Liverpool of Sangre Grande and both men appeared before Senior Magistrate Gillian David-Scotland in the First Court. In addition to murder, the men were also charged with robbery.

Magistrate David-Scotland listed several items which included a cell phone, a red Milwaukee jack hammer valued $4,000, a yellow DeWalt hammer drill valued $6,000, a Milwaukee drill kit with pliers valued $2,000, a 32 inch LG flat screen television valued $2,000, a double link gold chain and gold ring and Mohammed’s national identification card valued at $50.

It is alleged that the men also stole TT$10,000 and US$900.

The charges were laid indictably and both men were not called upon to plead. The men were represented by defence attorney Fareed Ali. The attorney in court yesterday told Magistrate David- Scotland that Liverpool complained that he was beaten by police and needed to seek medical attention.

Ali said his client complained of pains to his head, torso, lower back and wrists. Magistrate David-Scotland said she would make a note that Liverpool be seen by the prison doctor. She later adjourned the matter to August 14. The men were remanded to the Golden Grove Prison, Arouca.

Outside the court, attorney Ali expressed his disappointment with the way the police handled this matter. He said the failure of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to get convictions is partly due to the way police handle investigations.

“The police deal with suspects so badly and it is so sad to see that things have not changed and they (the police) appear to be a law upon themselves. It is my view that Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams needs to examine and put training in place because if they keep repeating the same mistakes how are things going to change?” The investigations into the murders continue as three other suspects remain in police custody and are expected to be placed in identification parades.

On June 28, Mohammed’s husband returned to his Ajim Baksh Trace, Malabar home at 11 am to find Videsh’s body in the kitchen.

He later found wife Mohammed’s body in a bedroom. Both were bound, gagged and had their throats slit.

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