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Man killed while fixing stalled car on highway

The trinidad Guardian / Trevor Ross took all the necessary precautions to preserve his life and was still killed yesterday morning, after a pick-up truck careened into him as he tried to fix his stalled car on the highway.

Ross, police said, of Powder Magazine, Cocorite, was on the emergency shoulder on the westbound lane of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, near the Grand Bazaar overpass, around 5.10 am at the time of the incident. He was attending to his stalled Datsun 280C when a white pick-up slammed into him, dragging him a few feet before stopping. Ross died at the scene while the injured driver was taken to the nearby Eric Williams Medical Complex, where he remained warded in a stable condition last night.

In a telephone interview yesterday with i95FM, co-ordinator of the Road Safety Project for the Police Service, Constable Brent Batson, said the driver of the pick-up could face possible death by dangerous driving charges.

“The only thing Mr Ross did wrong was attempt to repair the vehicle at the side of the road and it even wasn’t at the side of the roadway, it was the shoulder. So you have to wonder what the driver was looking at that he did not observe this driver on the road to begin with… People are taking for granted how they operate this machine on the roadway. This guy (the driver) did not even know he might have been facing a causing death by dangerous driving charge before today,” Batson said.

Ross was recorded as the 42 road fatality for the year.

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