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Mayor: Port of Spain is prepared

News day / “We have to brace ourselves for it and make sure our areas and people are on standby. I would advise citizens to stock up on foodstuff and batteries, along with candles and medical kits and make sure your house is safe. If you are in an area that is prone to flooding, get to a shelter.

We have 20 shelters at this time. We are a lucky country sometimes, but we could never be too sure, so let us prepare and prepare properly,” Martinez said.

The Port of Spain Corporation has been identified as the base of operations for all 14 municipalities in the country.

Newsday understands that operations that are conducted across the country including relief and rescue, will be channelled through the TT Police Service, so they could be properly managed. Police officials at the press conference yesterday said all police officers have been called out and told to be on the alert.

Disaster Management Co-ordinator Keith Cook yesterday said that while there has been a reduction in instances of flooding in Port of Spain, there has been an egress plan put in place, in the event that conditions in the capital are too bad.

Hart Street has been identified as a major muster point for people to gather in this egress plan.

If the plan is activated, buses will be placed at Hart Street for people to be able to leave the capital.

People would then be taken to VMCOTT on the Beetham where they would be transferred to extended buses, and taken to various locations where further shuttle services would be provided.

Those travelling East, and those travelling South would be taken to the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex, where Maxi Taxi’s would be available to take them further South or East.

LIST OF POS SHELTERS Belmont Community Centre, 47 Jerningham Avenue, Belmont; Eastern Boys’ Primary, 57-59 George Street; Eastern Girls’ Primary 83-87 George Street; South East Girls Primary, 25 Nelson Street; Belmont Boys’ Secondary, 4 A Belmont Circular Road; St James Govt Secondary, 15 Panka Street; East Mucurapo Secondary, 1 Mucorapo Road, St James; Mucurapo West Secondary, Mucorapo Road; Cocorite Government School, 5 Lady Hochoy Circular Road; Polytechnic Sixth Form, 2 Ethel Street, St James; Queen’s Royal College; St Catherine Girls’, 143 Duke Street Port of Spain; Moulton Hall Methodist, 43 Abercromby Street; St Paul Street Multi-purpose; Bethlehem Boys’ RC, 1 A Besson Street, Port of Spain; Bethlehem Girls’ RC Primary, 1 A Besson Street; Gonzales Community Centre and St Joseph Road Community Centre.

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