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Miami Dolphins 2018 running back options come into better focus

MiamiHerald / When the Miami Dolphins traded Jay Ajayi (who blocked me on Twitter) it was obvious to anyone with eyes the team could use its final seven games as a proving ground to test how much to rely on Kenyan Drake and Damien Williams in the future.

And that test, an organic and unmentioned exercise by club officials, is going to matter next offseason. It’s going to be a very big deal because the Dolphins will measure what happened after Ajayi was traded to decide how many running backs must be added to the roster and at what priority the additions have to come.

Well, Drake was presented with these fact then and decided to take the, “I’m just here to win games, not make roster decisions” route, which was genius because whatever happened, he was going to be one of the running backs on the team next year. After all, he’s a third-round pick and next year will be his third season.

So he’s a valuable investment and he’s not a salary cap hindrance.

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