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Miserable weather all day long


Trinidad Express / THE Meteorological Office of Trinidad and Tobago (Met Office) says citizens can expect bad weather for the rest of Wednesday.

In an information bulletin issued at 5 a.m.  the met office stated: “Inclement  weather conditions continue to affect Tobago and northern Trinidad. Heavy showers and thundershowers could develop which may last for the next six to 10 hours. Rainfall accumulations could be in excess of 50 mm in some areas, particularly Tobago and northern parts of Trinidad. This activity is related to local dynamics in a moist and unstable atmosphere.”

The Met Office stated: “Gusty winds can accompany showers and thundershowers. Localised street/flash flooding is likely in heavy or prolonged downpours and landslips/landslides may occur in areas so prone. Gradual improvement is expected towards the afternoon.”

The Met Office is advising citizens to be alert and vigilant while conducting daily activities and has stated that Trinidad and Tobago was not under any tropical storm threat, watch or warning.

Dr Stephen Ramroop, head of the Office of Disaster Management and Preparedness (ODPM)  told the Express all agencies were in the north eastern area to assist residents marooned in Matelot.

The agencies include the Ministry of Works officials, Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government officials, police officers, fire services and other agencies. He said the north eastern coast was worst affected by the bad weather and there were also reports coming out from Tobago but he had no details as yet.  

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