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“Miss Caesar just pick up and leave just so”

Trinidad Express / THE Judiciary is yet to arrive at a solution on how it will proceed with several matters that were previously being heard by former chief magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar before she left the Magistracy to be appointed as a High Court judge, a from position which she also later resigned.

On Wednesday, acting Chief Magistrate Maria Busby Earle-Caddle, repeatedly mentioned to a number of prisoners that her “hands are tied” as she informed some of them, who had part-heard enquiries before Ayers-Caesar, that she was still awaiting instructions on how to proceed with the matters. She is currently presiding at the Eighth Port of Spain Court where Ayers-Caesar previously sat and in total, had to adjourn clost to ten matters.

Three accused, who are jointly charged with murder, grew agitated when they were informed by the magistrate that their matters had to again be adjourned.

When their matter was called, one of the accused, Akido Mayers, requested that the magistrate proceed with the enquiry given that he and his two co-accused had been awaiting the completion of the matter for the past six years.

“I cannot do that sir. I or no other magistrate can continue with a matter that was previously being heard by another magistrate. My hands are tied,” said Earle-Caddle.

Mayers questioned that if his matter had to be restarted, who was going to pay all the legal fees already incurred by him during the enquiry. “Who is going to pay for that? Miss Caesar just pick up and leave just so,” he said.

“Well I am not in charge of Miss Ayers-Caesar sir,” the magistrate responded.

“Allyuh need to sort out allyuh issues. It’s six years now we in prison and we just suffering here because we innocent,” Mayers said, before he and his two co-accused were taken away by police officers.

Also to have their part-heard matters adjourned were leader of the Jamaat-al-Muslimmen Yasin Abu Bakr who is facing a private charge of failing to appear before a Commission of Enquiry into the 1990 coup attempt, as well as Christopher Selby who escaped from the Frederick Street Prison along with Allan “Scanny” Martin and Hassan Atwell in 2015.

All of those matters will next be called on June 1.

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