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More bad weather expected, says Met Office

News day / There were heavy downfalls which caused many employees to get to work late or some just not being able to make it.

There were also cancellations of several outdoor activities and functions.

According to Akil Nancoo duty meteorologist at the Meteorological Office, Piarco, the intense weather which was expected since the start of the rainy season, was as a result of the Inter- Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ).

Nancoo said there was about a 50-60 per cent chance of more showers expected this morning from about two and should continue until about 8 am.

However, he said they did not expect the showers to be of the same intensity as those yesterday.

A statement from the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management’s captain Neville Wint said they received reports of flash flooding in some areas.

These included Manuel Congo, La Horquetta, Riverside Road (Curepe), Ingrid and Dookie Streets (St. Augustine/Pasea), Maloney, Warren/Munroe Road and Ramjohn Trace (Cunupia), Sieunarine Trace, Kelly Village and Cleaver Heights (Arouca).

Yesterday, as the water receded, attempts were being made to pump water from the roadway at Mosquito Creek which has a tendency to flood. Chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Martin Terry Rondon told Newsday yesterday he received no reports of flooding or calls for assistance in that constituency.

“I travelled from Sangre Grande to Matelot where we are making distributions to the fishermen who lost a lot of their equipment last December. Everything is fine up on this side,” Rondon said.

The ODPM stated that people affected by the heavy rain in the Sangre Grande, Princes Town and Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo areas have reported incidents of fallen trees and landslips.

It also noted that regional corporations have ensured that trees threatening life and property have been cleared and disposed of.

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