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More Than 100 Traffic Tickets Issued In St. Ann Operation


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As the police continue to clampdown on traffic breaches, more than 100 tickets were issued to motorists in St. Ann on Wednesday during a special operation led by the Highway and Traffic Division.     Superintendent Courtney Coubrie, Operations Officer at the division, said the tickets were issued for various traffic violations, but mostly for safety devices, such as seatbelts.      The superintendent said the operation focused on the Llandovery main road where fifteen persons died in motor vehicle crashes last year.        “We thought it prudent that we would have been proactive coming here to give the motorists a gentle reminder to traverse this stretch of road with the utmost care. So far, our effort has yielded 178 traffic tickets and 43 pairs of registration plates have been removed from motor vehicles that were found to be defective,” he pointed out.     

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