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Trinidad Express / The terms “military intelligence” and “army intelligence” are contradiction in terms or oxymorons. While comedians Groucho Marx and George Carlin also added that “military” and “intelligence” are two mutually exclusive words or words that do not go together, the usage did not originate with them. The website “Quote Investigator” says that it was used long before and in 1966, The New Yorker magazine published a short story by Shirley Hazzard that contained an instance of the saying but put it in a broader context, ““Contradiction in terms.” Algie was collecting contradictions in terms: To a nucleus of “military intelligence” and “competent authorities,” he had added such discoveries as “the soul of efficiency,” “easy virtue,” “Bankers Trust,” and “Christian Scientist.” I also add “jumbo shrimp”, “police service”, “act naturally”, “civil engineer”, “civil war”, “unbiased opinion” and “Microsoft Works”. But why is “military intelligence” considered a contradiction, especially when you consider that the Minister of National Security is a former soldier? He attended Sandhurst and the Army School of Ammunition. He has Master’s Degrees, Certificates, Fellowships and Publications aplenty. His Military service, knowledge and qualification cannot be questioned or doubted.

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