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Municipal police graduate from communication course

News day / The course would enable the Municipal Police to work together with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) with an integrated system through wireless communication.

During a graduation ceremony held in the Council Chamber at City Hall, Knox Street, Portof- Spain, director of OLEP, Keith Reno, said the wireless communication course was a step forward for the Municipal Police as it now made them equal partners with the TTPS in the fight against crime.

“Over the years you have not been part of a service that was efficient, but now that is about to change,” he said.

Reno said municpal policing was on a transformation drive as they would now be able to serve in remote areas and places where tourists and holiday makers frequented.

“The nation is crying out for support and help, and clearly you would be able to give that support,” Reno said.

PoS mayor Joel Martinez said the wireless communication system was introduced to develop an efficient communication system.

“We have high expectations of you, your family has high expectations of you, and we are confident that training systems such as this will assist you. You are on the frontline in the fight against crime. While you may be assigned to different posts, you must be responsible for upholding the law.

“It may sometimes prove to be a dangerous job, but you must continue to be honest, caring and efficient,” Martinez said.

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