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Never Give Up on Hope*

Trinidad Express / Dear Readers, This is a different type of column. I am, to the best of my ability, relaying the following telephone call I received last week from a wife who, though portraying calmness, was unsure of what to do and upset about the entire situation. She said she called me because she reads my columns every Sunday and turned to me for advice. I will call her Mrs Unknown. Mrs Unknown realises that though in the past I have strongly advocated that I cannot really handle “affairs of the heart”, I have many times done so, because I feel I should try to address cries for help even though, as I always say as my proviso, I am NOT a trained marriage counsellor. So what did she say? Quote: “I have been legally married for over 25 years. We have four children, all girls, who have grown up well and my husband has provided for us. My youngest daughter is 18 years old. We live in Tobago. I had heard rumours before from Trinidad that there was a young man who “looked” like my husband and lived in Trinidad. My husband goes to Trinidad very often for his business, though lately because of the ferry problems he has not done so.

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