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New app to offer easy access to medical records


Trinidad Express / Frustrated with his personal struggle to get medical attention abroad without his local medical records, Lab206’s senior software architect Troy Hector decided to build an application called Optimo Cloud a global medical record repository. The concept for the platform coalesced while Troy was at a Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in South Korea earlier this year after winning a scholarship from The Organisation of American States. The application, which is in the ideation stage, ideally will allow patients from anywhere in the world to store and access their medical records as easily as we can access files on dropbox. The idea being, that if you ever needed doctors to look at your files for quick and effective decision making, this process will be optimised for both the medical staff and the patient. Optimo Cloud is currently a finalist in the Pitch IT Caribbean Challenge 2016, working towards US$15,000 in prizes. Part one of the challenge is the Peoples Choice, which awards an additional US$500 in prize money towards Troy’s project. To vote for Troy go to http://imsr.me/VoteTroyTT and find out more about the Optimo Cloud Platform you can visit www.optimocloud.co.

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