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No arrests yet in killing of Chinese couple

The trinidad Guardian / Several people, including a young child, were outside the Marabella bar when the two Chinese Nationals were assassinated by two mask shooters. The footage shows Zhao and Gu pulling into the parking area in front of Kosume Bar at the corner of New Haven Avenue and John Street in Zhoa’s black Toyota Corolla Altis. They lived in an apartment upstairs the bar with other Chinese nationals. As Gu opened the right passenger door to exit the car, two gunmen came from the right and began firing at the car. Gu, who turned 29 years old on that day, closed back the door. By this time the people, including the child, who were gathered to the front of Zhao’s car began to scamper.

One of the voices in the background of the video claimed the man who was with the child let go of the child’s hand and ran. The voice also described the first shooter who was wearing a hoodie and a mask as the devil. The shooter with the mask ran straight up to the driver’s door and fired several shots at the window. He was joined by another hoodie wearing man who stood from a distance and fired.

The masked shooter then ran a short distance away, but continued shooting.

The video shows that Zhao was still moving. The masked shooter, however, ran back to the window and continued firing bullets and emitting a cloud of smoke.

When he seemingly ran out of bullets, the shooter ran a short distance away, reloaded and ran back to the driver’s window to finish the job.

Police have not made any arrests, but they have several suspects. Investigators are working on several theories, including that the hit was allegedly ordered by a local Chinese mafia or a money lender. They are also investigating whether last week Tuesday’s murder of Marabella resident Everton Moses, who was also killed in a hail of bullets, is connected to these two murders. They are looking at several suspects.

Investigations are continuing.

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