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No fairy dust here, only effort*

Trinidad Express / I read this on one of my favourite blogs: To learn, we go to school. To feel better, we go to the doctor. To maintain our car, we go to a mechanic. To get our children to communicate, we go to the speech-language pathologist. While there is some truth to all of these statements, there is also a lot more involved; the more complete statements should be: To learn, we read books, go online, talk to mentors, and do assigned homework from a teacher. To feel better, we eat well, exercise, get lots of rest and follow a doctor’s recommendations. To maintain our car, we fill it with gas, drive with caution and follow the scheduled service dates. To get our children to communicate, we can go to a speech-language pathologist who will do what? Work her magic with fairy dust? Fix my child? Make my child speak? What goes on behind that door, anyway?

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