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The trinidad Guardian / A new Immigration Office has been built and opened in Port-of-Spain, but the citizens are still made to stand in a line outside from 7 am, awaiting their turn to enter this building. Was no consideration given to accommodating the clientèle/customers when designing this building? Shouldn’t a room with seating have been built for this purpose?

The taxpayers are never considered. Come rain, sun, disabled, old, or young, they are made to stand in the street. The rest of the world is in the 21st Century, but we are still being punished for our forefather’s sins.

There is sufficient space in the courtyard at this new office, to erect tents with chairs, to accommodate the public, while they wait their turn.

Additionally, I understand that at 10.30 am yesterday when one lady reached the Appointment Desk, she was told “You have to return tomorrow morning again at 7.30 am, as the book and person for making your arrangements, not here now?” This is totally unacceptable.



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