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NPL divestment approved but no immediate changes for school meals


Jamaica Gleaner / operational matters under one entity,” the project document said.

The consultant will, at the end, “propose a model for governance and management for the SFP that reflects an efficient and harmonised arrangement of service provision” .

Reid, however, was adamant that no decision has been taken regarding the SFP’s structure.

“I have not made any decision about any merger. As we speak, all the school feeding programmes that now exist will continue to exist for the time being until I have articulated any other position,” he said.

“If there is a consultant working, that must be duplicating what was already done because the issue of looking at school feeding is something that from the first deal we did in 2010 [with the IMF] was on the table,” he said.

The 2010 deal with the IMF collapsed in less than a year, but a new agreement, an extended fund facility, was signed in 2013. This month, Jamaica transitioned to a new arrangement, referred to

as a precautionary standby agreement.

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