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NSA claims it made a difference


Trinidad Express / POLITICAL leader of the National Solidarity Assembly (NSA) Nirvan Maharaj believes although the party won nothing and all its candidate lost their deposit, the votes it got in the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation influenced the final outcome — a tie between the People’s National Movement (PNM) and the United National Congress (UNC). Maharaj told the Express yesterday that, although the NSA results received were not official, he was pleased the nine NSA candidates did their best, saying they sent the message that Trinidad and Tobago was no longer “PNM country or UNC country”. He said: “The results I have so far, I think in California/Point Lisas, we would have received 270 votes, in North-East Sangre Grande we would have received 74 votes, and in North West Sangre Grande we would have received 78 votes. “I have a feeling the NSA may have made the difference there in that seat. I don’t have the figures for the other six that we contested. “If the figures for North-West are correct where I saw the PNM got 1,359, the UNC got 1,314 and the NSA got 78, if we look at those figures it could be we may have made the difference there.” Maharaj added he looked at television all night hoping to get the results for his party but none came. He said the party which was formed in 2014 will continue to be strengthened. “Every single vote that we got would have been an indication that someone would have received the message and when I look at the votes and compared to the other smaller parties, the NSA’s message would have gone out to some people,” he said. The NSA also issued a news release yesterday in which Maharaj congratulated both the PNM and UNC on their respective victories since all the electoral districts were won by one or the other. He also congratulated the smaller parties. Maharaj stated: “As a new fledging political party, the NSA would have, within the limits and restrictions of our resources engaged in the electoral process in the interest of our country and sent our message, that no one has a divine right to our support because they look like us. But instead they must serve the interest of Trinidad and Tobago. “That people must not own our votes. Instead, they must earn it. Every vote earned by the NSA was a victory since it meant that the process to raise the consciousness of our people had begun and was indeed starting to bear fruit.” He added the low voter turnout was an indication of the feeling of “dissatisfaction, disillusionment, and hopelessness on the part of the majority of our citizens”. Maharaj told the Express, on election night candidates were instructed to stay in their respective districts and he visited each one.

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