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Ombudsman Concerned That Some Workers Denied Chance To Vote


RJR News / Co-Chair of the Election Centre and Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown has expressed concern that some employers did not grant their employees time off to vote. “Certainly as the poltical ombudsman, sitting here with all these other Jamaicans who are concerned about good electoral practice – NIA, CAFFE, JDF, JCF, Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches, The Jamaica Broadcasting Commission, the political parties and the director of elections – When an employer makes it difficult or impossible for an employee to go out and exercise their franchise, that is a serious serious act of disrespect to Jamaica’s democracy and a breach of the law,” she declared. In the meantime, The Office of the Political Ombudsman has received two complaints since Monday morning.    However, Mrs Parchment Brown said they are minor and will not be made public.

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