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Trinidad Express / Two weeks ago, after the Law Association, by overwhelming majority, called for the resignation of the Chief Justice and members of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission(JLSC), consequent on the imbroglio from the judicial appointment of Marcia Ayers-Caesar without due diligence, there were calls for the Prime Minister to act.

Rowley resisted, claiming a “wall” existed between the executive and the judiciary. This column immediately responded saying, “that ‘wall’ exists only in determination of cases before the courts where politicians have no place. The Prime Minister and his Cabinet inescapably share with the Chief Justice, responsibility for the administration of justice. Where is the “wall” when a Chief Justice of this country is appointed by the President based on a recommendation from the Prime Minister in consultation with the Opposition Leader? Aren’t the politicians already involved? Where is the “wall” when, if a Chief Justice must be removed, it is the Prime Minister who must initiate action.


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