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Pants too tight in court. Really?

The trinidad Guardian / The decision to eject a citizen from the court because, in the view of the judge, the pants she was wearing was too tight again demonstrates why justice in our country will always be backward.

This citizen was denied the right of appearance in court, whether as a defendant, witness or observer because she offended the tender sensibilities of the judge who apparently arrogated unto him/herself the authority to determine what is acceptable attire.

One cannot help but wonder under what law this particular order was exercised. Was it that she was displaying too much skin? I have seen young men stand before the court with their underwear showing and their pants sagging almost around their ankles, without reprimand.

In any event, the court is not a place of religion, which may have certain strictures about attire. The person was there to conduct business and was prevented from doing so. She was denied the opportunity to pursue her legitimate business and the court was deprived of her contribution without good reason.

One would have thought that the court was concerned about her business there, not how she looked. It is this concern with appearance rather than substance that has the country, and the world, in the mess in which it is.

Karan Mahabirsingh,


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