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Trinidad Express / WHEN I was young, my mother told me to always be ready for new experiences and to open my mind to different cultures and different tastes. “Think outside of Sangre Grande,” she said. “Trinidad and Tobago is too diverse for you to be one-dimensional. Discover India, Africa and China even if it’s through encyclopaedias” (we didn’t have internet then). Last Tuesday I listened to her advice. I went to France…right here in Trinidad. Indeed it was a classical journey through the best of French cuisine spiced up with some Trinidadian condiments and local fruit. Mélange Restaurant on Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook, was the esteemed location as I dined in true French fashion for Goût de France 2017, the third edition of Goût de France (Taste of France)—a celebration of the vitality of French food, embodied in the global participation of 1,750 chefs, 171 international culinary schools and 50 countries. An annual event celebrated simultaneously on March 21 at 250,000 participating gourmet diners and exceptional bistros, the event unifies chefs from all over the world. The festive occasion brings France to the platter of many different nations as the dialogue between cultures is a common language—the language of food. Trinidadian restaurants, Zazou Bistro Moderne and Mélange were amongst the long list of participants and I was one of the lucky patrons to be blessed with the gala gourmet experience.

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