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Plenty of Game but Few Players*

Trinidad Express / I’ve got some bad news for men, very few of you are players. I’m aware that many of you believe or think of yourselves as players but sadly, you’re not. If you keep getting caught, you’re not a player, you’re just a fool. At the end of this article, I’ll tell you how to be a true player, if you want to be one. With my advice, you’ll never be caught. No, ladies I’m not selling out, see you at the end of the article. It’s pathetic listening to men who call themselves players because they’ve duped a few women into believing that they (the man) want a relationship with them. It’s laughable and silly having two cellphones one of which the significant other knows nothing about. What’s the point if you’re going out with one woman but hiding from others? Who wants a heart attack because they forgot their cellphone at home or left it unattended? These so-called players, either enjoy flirting with getting caught, which often happens or they’re really not as smart as they think. 

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