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PNM advice to voters: Don’t allow victory like Trump


Trinidad Express / A massive crowd of People’s National Movement (PNM) supporters who descended upon the Eddie Hart Grounds in Tacarigua, yesterday, received a bit of tongue-in-cheek advice from one of the party’s local government election candidates.

Don’t be like the Americans.

This was the advice given by San Fernando West candidate Vidya Mungal-Bissessar as she urged supporters to go out in their numbers and vote tomorrow.

Noting that a wave of protests had broken out across the United States following Donald Trump’s electoral victory, Mungal-Bissessar said this was because many had not exercised their right to vote and were later unhappy with the outcome of the election.

“Let this not be the case in Trinidad and Tobago,” she urged.

Furthermore, she said, those op­ting not to vote tomorrow should not complain when they begin to face problems with drainage, traffic, unemployment and other issues.

Mungal-Bissessar was one of a handful of candidates to address the crowd at the PNM’s final rally, ahead of tomorrow’s local government election.

Others, including Chaguaramas/Point Cumana candidate Akeliah Glasgow, wooed voters with promises of training and community programmes in their areas should they be successfully elected as councillors.

The candidates expressed confidence in securing victories in their districts, including Camille Greenidge-Charles, who is contesting a seat in the United National Congress stronghold of Siparia.

A vote for reform


Party chairman and former Local Government minister Franklin Khan also addressed the crowd on issues affecting their communities, as well as Local Government reform.

He criticised the former government’s spending of $300 billion over its five-year term in office and questioned the crowd on whether they had received $300 billion worth of service delivery in the last five years.

He declared that roads, garbage collection and other services had not improved despite the phenomenal spending of the last government.

“Granted, they stole a sizeable portion of that money,” he said.

He said the United National Con­gress (UNC) was a baseless party which was devoid of ideas and seemed to be leaderless.

Khan said a vote for the PNM was a vote for local government reform, which would put more power and finances in the hands of the regional corporations and, therefore, more resources for their communities.

The rally attracted a huge crowd, which transformed the usual green of the Eddie Hart Grounds into a wave of red T-shirts, flags and banners.

Traffic to and from the venue was heavy, with dozens of police officers on site to direct the flow.

The event, which was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m., got off to a late start.

However this did not seem to deter attendees, who were still filtering into the venue after 5 p.m.

Several soca artistes provided entertainment, much to the delight of the crowd, some of whom told the Sunday Express they had arrived before midday.

Attendees braved both sun and rain as they arrived by bus, maxi-taxi, taxi, bicycle and on foot.

Some admitted they only attended for the “lime”.

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