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Police hunt parents of dead babies in dump

The trinidad Guardian / The hills of Tortuga and the opposing Forres Park landfill have been used before as a dumping site for murder victims, but even the scavengers who scour the dump could not bear the site of corbeaux picking decaying bodies of two newborns yesterday.

Couva police detectives were checking with medical institutions trying to identify the parents of the baby boy and girl, believed to be twins, who were found wrapped in a blanket and discarded like garbage.

It was the second case in recent months for investigators as on August 22, scavengers found a newborn’s body in a garbage bag in the Beetham Landfill in Port-of-Spain.

A police report stated that around 7 am, a scavenger saw a corbeaux pecking on something. As he walked across, he was horrified to see it was a baby’s foot protruding from a soiled grey blanket. On further checks, he found another baby’s body.

He covered bodies with a discarded cardboard box and contacted the police.

The bodies were taken to the Forensic Science Centre for an autopsy, which was inconclusive. Investigators said that in addition to determining how the babies died, they needed to know the age, sex and ethnicity to narrow the search for the parents.

Police said they have already started checking with health centres, hospitals and private clinics to ascertain whether there were any mothers who were pregnant with twins and was due to give birth around this time.

An appeal was made for the public to contact the police if they knew of any pregnant women who may have given birth and the children could not be accounted for.

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