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Political Ombudsman To Ensure Party Paraphernalia Removed Swiftly


RJR News / With the Local Government Election now over, the Office of the Political Ombudsman will be taking steps to ensure that the parties remove campaign paraphernalia within the specified time frame.     The specified time frame is 14 days under the Town and Country Planning Act.    “If there is a sign in political colour that has on it ‘vote for me’ and that is not one that was applied for and paid for in the period, then it would be considered political material and should be removed,” outlined Political Ombudsman Parchment Brown.  According to the ombudsman, there are a number of parishes where party paraphernalia can still be found. She called on the general secretaries of the main parties to ensure that all the material is removed. In addition, she said she intends to visit each municipal corporation.

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