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Port Authority slow to change*

Trinidad Express / THE Port Authority appears to be stuck in a time warp. There is limited use of cameras, limited use canines and the use of electronic scanners is being resisted by the Public Services Association (PSA). It is people, not technology, which determines which containers are flagged and searched. These were some of the features which were apparent as the Joint Select Committee on National Security scrutinised the procedures at the Port Authority during a site visit yesterday afternoon. The Port still has some way to go to be modernised, especially in a manner where it can act as a strong partner in the fight against crime. The Committee, which is particularly concerned about the issue of illegal guns coming into the country through the official ports, wanted to know how containers were identified for checking and what checks were routinely done. The Committee was told that cars — new and used — coming into the country were given cursory visual checks, which involved opening the bonnet, the trunk and the glove compartment. 

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